Several Voice Tips for Crossdressers

If you want to be an impressive crossdresser or transgender, there are many inherent features of you need to be changed, include your voice. How can you convince yourself to be a successful crossdresser if you wear a sexy dress while still sound like a buffalo? Obviously you are going to be going out or even if you are not, just for your own development of your female persona, you want a more feminine tone to your voice than you probably have in your day to day life. Therefore, today, we are talking about how to pinch your voice and make it sound more feminine.

First, you need to realize that you may not able to have a completely convincing feminine voice. It's may never going to sound completely right to you. Hence, you just have to be comfortable with the best that you are able to do. The essential trick is finding a way to pitch your voice up and add some more feminine intonations to it without starting to become a parody. The voice of a woman is pitched up compared to the voice as a man. There's also a difference in terms of cadence and rhythms of speaking. The pitch up method may doesn't strain your voice, but it is obviously more feminine than your normal voice.

There's also rhythms difference. Women inherently have a more lyrical quality to their speech patterns, like singing, as opposed to men which tend to be a bit blunt in the way of working their way through sentences. There's a method proved to be extremely useful is to sing along with songs by female singers. Find someone that sings within a vocal range that you can hit or come close to yours. But don't try do Mariah Varey. This will be too much for you. Singing along with female vocalists and female singers will not only enables you to get used to using your upper register, but it also helps bring that lyrical quality to your voice. In this way, you will get used to speaking in a more lyrical way. However, there's one thing you don't want to do is that you don't want to speak in falsetto. This is usually a man trying to mock women would do.

There's one other technique if the singing doesn't work for you. If you were to speak in what most of us would consider a stereotypically gay male voice, we tend to pitch our voice up. If we ever were to speak in a gay voice or to greet them in their voices, we would pitch it up and maybe add a little lisp. So when you do that, just drop the lisp spot of it, you are actually in the ballpark of what you would want to be doing with your voice in terms of pitching it up.

These tips adapt for both crossdressers and transgenders. Practice makes perfect. You will in time find your voice and absolutely feel free to use it once you do.