How to Pick a Feminine Name

Name identifies our gender. For example, if you hear Linda, you may consider this is a "she". Bob for "he". For crossdressers, choosing a feminine name is inevitable. Today, we are talking about how to pick a feminine name. Us crossdressers probably don't go out of our way to think about it too much. We make a decision rather hastily. But actually, all of us will benefit from a little more time spent in consideration of name. As you are developing a persona, whether it is an online persona, or in the bedroom, or even you are actually going out on public, you need to know what you want people to call you. Therefore, you do need to decide on a feminine name.

The easiest way to go is that to choose a feminized version of our normal and masculine name. For instance, Michael would become Michelle. Alex might become Alexis. That is absolutely fine. Just keep in mind that doing that can blur the lines a little bit between your identities and personas. Try and keep the name compartmentalized and avoid too much bleeding over of wanting to the other. It will be very useful to develop a persona. Some of you, especially those who may feel that they want to make this name a very large part of their life, choosing a distinctively name will do you some favor.

Some of us have a tendency to leap toward hooker names, like Candy, Trixie, Roxy, etc. There are nothing wrong to choose these names, but just realize what it is you are getting into. Regardless of your actual persona and your appearances, using a name like that is going to evoke certain thoughts and impressions of what kind of women you are portraying yourself as. Be aware of the baggage that might come with any given name before you start to use it.

After you decide which name to use, do not afraid to change it. Some of you may went through three or more names before you settled on the current name, that is the right thing to do. Do not hesitate to try a few on and see if they fit you. If you are bouncing around names, what is suggested is that until you are really sure of what one you want to stick with, it is better do not come out with a random name you are not sure of. Because if you come out to someone and present yourself as a crossdresser with a female name, then you change it to another one, that will leave people of an impression of weird and oddball. The best time to come out is when you fairly firm of what you are and what you want to be. Otherwise they would consider this is maybe just a phase.

Put though into the name and do not pick a name randomly. Try to find one that maybe has some meaning for you or one that is completely unlike anything that you would normally go with. When you find one, try it on and see if it works for you. Even if you named yourself as Candy or Roxy, feel free to change it as you developing your persona and feel differently.