Uncover Transvestites

You may wonder what is transvestite. Transvestite is the most common and easy to understand word, used to describe a male who have a strong impulsion to demonstrate himself as a female, including the behavior of dressing female clothes, wearing wig and makeup, as well as other behavior that may enable them to feel more feminine. Some of them even give themselves a female name when playing as a woman.

Transvestism is the lifestyle of those who consider themselves as transvestites. Most transvestites know that there's something different with others when they are little and start to try female stuff. Even though, transvestite is distinguished from transgender. Most transvestites are straight men. They have special interest in all female things. Some of them are happily married with children. Their family or friends may have no idea of their transvestism tendency, for that this behavior often give rise to a feeling of sinful and guilty. Transvestite is the most mysterious among all trans group.

They do not want to be seen as transgender. They are happy and very comfortable when dress like women, but they have no intend in being a real one. Even though they may act a little girly and pussy when they dress up, but in their real life, they know it clearly that they are real man and have no problem with this fact. They usually don't want to make any change both inside and outside.

It always seems to be a myth for transvestites to fancy what a man will look like when he dresses female clothes, for that it can bring them sexual stimulation. Although it may be real for some of them, it's not normality. Most transvestites dress up just to feel a sense of happy, comfortable and safe. For a small group, it may really bring sexual satisfaction, but not for the most. Therefore, being transvestites do not mean they are gay, although some of them may be. Everyone is one of their kind. For some, there will be more gender and sexual issue when stepping into the transvestites world. But just like the rest regular people, they can be heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality. For those who are bisexual, they tend to only interest in those who are dressed up like female, while show zero tendency when they are being men as who they are. In a word, transvestism is a very complicated issue.

There are so many male transvestites that we can't count. Some of them are still hiding in their closet and do not willing to go public, for that they are satisfied with their status and don't want anyone to know their hobby, while the other may fear the result after they come out. Every one of them is different and with a unique style and preference, but fortunately you have found something useful to get to know them or yourself.