Are you Gay if you are dating a Transgender Woman

Dating is essential and each one has their own sexual fantasies and they want to fulfill them in any case. Someone’s fantasy is to date a transgender woman once in their life but on the other hand there are men that too want to date a transgender woman but they also thinks that dating a transgender woman will make them a gay and it really affects their sexual choices and relationship status.

One of the main questions always arises when we talk about transgender dating and a transgender woman. Is dating a transgender woman will make you a gay or will it affect your sexual identity? The answer to this question is big no and you won’t be considering as a gay if you are dating a transgender woman. Let me tell you that important and mandatory thing about sexual choice and to whom you would like to have a relationship, it’s basically someone’s personal choice to whom he would like to date or what makes him comfortable in terms of sexual relationship. There is nothing related to date with a transgender, gay, bi-sexual or straight dating.
Also let me tell you that transgender women owns more feminine as compared to other real cis woman. And yes its right that most men really want to date a transgender woman because only to enjoy their more feminine and also to fulfill their personal desires.

It is basically personal choice to whom you would like to date. If you like a transgender woman to date but also have a question in you will be considering as a gay if you date a transgender woman than it won’t work. You never fulfill your sexual desires with this thinking and you have to change yourself. Like or dislike is nothing related to sexual orientation. It is all mind game that accelerates or control your emotions and sentiments towards other sexual identity. So, if you are not dating a transgender woman only because you won’t turn out to be a gay than don’t worry, go ahead and fulfill your personal desires and sexual fantasy to date a transgender woman.

On the other hand, it is also believed that transgender woman love to date a straight man rather than any gay man. Transgender women are not real cis women but they own each and every feminine to themselves that a real woman owns. In terms of trans dating, like other cis women, they too love to date straight men than any other gay personality.
However, there are bi-sexual men around us that too love to date a transgender woman and that’s particularly depend on their sexual choice and personal interest.

But one of the main things is, if you really want to date a transgender woman than definitely it doesn’t matter what your friends, your family or even your relatives will think about you and your sexual choice. It’s your life and you have all right to live and love as per your likes and merits.