Challenges and Pressures of Being Trans People

Researches on transgender people showed that all trans people are living under great pressure, even some world famous transgender people. It also showed that 55% of transgender people in the US are suffering from social anxiety. However, there are only 6.8% of general population live with the same social anxiety. Harassment and discrimination can be seen everywhere in trans people's lives, such as workplace and school. They are more likely to become the victims of violence and crimes, marrige for trans people is extremly hard.

Trans people are faced with many different kinds of discrimination, and this is harmful to transgender people's mental health. For example, study on transgender people showed that gender discrimination is closely associated with suicide rate of transgender people. According to a recent research, there are 41% of transgender people histories of suicide. Many government organizations, such as American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association are working on the issue of trans discrimination now. They call the world to pay attention to transgender people, respect and protect transgender people. The National Institute of Health indicated that this kinds of social anxiety is a serious health problem for transgender people, and this kind of anxiety may have a bad effect on transgender people's life, study and other activities.
Another study on transgender people showed that the number of trans women who suffer from social anxiety is more than trans men. It's not hard to find that trans women are often suffer from employment discrimination, rape and even assault, many trans women are killed by other people every year. This is a serious problem which needs more attention from the outside world. There are many different kinds of discrimination to transgender people, housing discrimination leads to homelessness, employment discrimination leads to low employment rate and low income. It seems like the world is unfriendly to most transgender people. Due to violence and discrimination, transgender people's life is only narrow to physically and psychologically survive, they cannot enjoy the happiness of their life. They even don't know what will happen in their life tomorrow, and they don't know how to escape from the terrible life. In fact, most places are unsafe for them.
" I'm afraid of staying in the public places, I never use the public bathroom, because I may attacked by other people if they know I'm a trans man" said a trans man. "I don't know which bathroom I can enter after drinking a lot of water, It's a bad experience." A survey from San Francisco Human Rights Commission showed that more than 50% of transgender people are reported harassment and assault in public bathroom. Transgender people with pressure and the threaten of violence, how can they live as a general person? They are not allowed to the public bathroom, or they may be arrested. It is unfair to transgender people.
I hope the world can be friendly to transgender people one day, if not, we need to respect them at least. They are ordinary people as everyone of us, just accept them and respect them.