Tips for male to female transition

For all transgender people, transitions is never an easy process. Male to female transition is a long and hard process for all transgender women. There are many problems ahead of male to female transgender women, for example, how to look like real women? How to be accepted by other people? Where to find a life partner for a life time relationship? In order to help all transgender women live a better life, I list some tips for male to female transition and for better trans dating experience.

1. Don't wear over-size clothes
Over-size clothing will make you look too big and fat, and your shoulder may look too wide. On the other hand, tight clothes can make your body shape appear, so I suggest all transgender women to choose clothes that suitable for them. Many men like to wear big clothes, while I don't think it is an ideal dressing style for women and transgender women.

2. Don't show your masculine features
I see many transgender women wear in men'e style. As a transgender woman, you should try your best to hide your masculine features and make yourself look like a real woman. Dressing in a nice and casual way, that will make you look pretty and natural.

3. Pay attention to your voice
There are any ways help you to practice your voice. If you want to be a real women, dressing as real women is not enough, you should act as real women. Apart from your appearance, your voice is another part that should be noticed. Try different ways to train your voice in a feminist way. The more you practice, the better result you will get.

4. Your make-up
Over make-up is one of the common mistakes that transgender women make. They often wear a lot, but they it is useless and look like they are wearing nothing. Your make-up style is an important part if you want to look like a real woman. Before showing yourself to other people, do some practices and make sure your make-up is suitable to you.

5. Choose make-up tools with better quality
Make-up tools with better quality don't have bad effect on your skin. Skin care is an important step that is often ignored by transgender women. For many transgender women, skin care is also a difficult course which needs a long time of learning. So, I suggest all transgender women to know more about skin care in daily life.

6. Make new friends and connections
It is good if you are a transgender woman with many friends, no matter they are transgender people or cisgender people. For lonely transgender women, what is the better way to make new friends and connections? Joining ts dating sites, transgender communities are great ways to make new friends. Find a way that both you and your friends ate comfortable with it. Almost all transgender people eager to make more new friends, because transgender people are always lonely in life. They need more friends to share their stories and experiences.