What if you’re anxious about a trans date

It doesn’t matter if you’re dating a trans woman for the first time or the first time you’ve dated a trans woman. You need to pay special attention when it comes to transgender dating. Especially if you’re anxious about a trans date, it’s easy to get things wrong. In fact, it’s necessary to overcome your anxiety about dating a transgender woman. What do you do when you’re sitting in a restaurant, worried about being stood up, or engrossed in checking your phone for a text from someone you like? How can you be less anxious and more resilient during the nadir of trans dating?

Try to make yourself more comfortable with uncertainty

Life is uncertain. The same goes for trans dating! It’s a risk worth taking. Endless “what-ifs”? If you can’t manage your thoughts effectively, your resolution will wear you out. Remind yourself that many of the things you fear are not actually happening now (and may never happen). If you avoid transgender dating entirely because of anxiety, even though the relationship is your primary goal, you’re bound to feel worse.

Create a whole life outside of transgender dating

This strategy is essential for your emotional well-being. If your entire life has been about dating and finding a partner for transgender people, every disappointment (or the second you don’t hear from your crush, date, or partner) can feel overwhelming. Develop a healthy self-care plan and other interests, hobbies, plans and relationships outside of transgender dating. While transgender dating must be a priority for positive outcomes, investing in other interests and relationships will make you feel more relaxed and supported.

Remember, not being chosen or single doesn’t mean you have a problem.

You are not unworthy or unqualified in any way. Be compassionate with yourself. You know, ts dating takes time and often comes with a lot of loss. Don’t let what others think of you determine your worth. Transgender dating naturally brings some anxiety, but there are many things you can do yo better manage negative emotions and events. With healthy self-care and anxiety-management strategies, as well as greater acceptance of your feelings and tolerance for discomfort, you can approach transgender dating from a stronger, more current standpoint.

As a matter of fact, when people are anxious or nervous about something, it is because you are not confident about it. So if you want to do well on a trans date, the best thing to do is build confidence. In other words, you have to be confident in everything you do. After that, keeping humor is also a way to relieve anxiety. Having a little fun every once in a while can distract yourself and impress your transgender date with your funny side.


How to Meet a Transgender Girl in Bangkok?

Maybe everyone who travels to Thailand wants to find a transgender people to visit. Finally, suppose she is a girl, you can invite her to your room. In Thailand, you may meet a super sexy and feminine woman, but not necessarily a girl. So instead of getting stuck in the guesswork or following the general rules of “she’s too beautiful to be a girl, she has to be transgender” or “shemale“ask her. The Thai word kathoey is pronounced for a transgender people or woman. To meet your new friend in Thailand, you may want to meet him or her as well. To make your questions more polite, you can add “krap” at the end of the sentence.

A long-term relationship with a transgender woman or shemale

If you want to build a long-term relationship with a transgender person or person, you can also recommend Transdr, our transgender dating or shemale dating site, where you can find beautiful trans woman even before you go to Thailand or even the Philippines. Looking for transgender people online has its advantages: now you can be sure you’re talking to a real transgender people. It also shows their place in gender reassignment surgery, which can be useful: you can avoid asking uncomfortable questions and you don’t have to learn Thai.

Meet transgender women in Bangkok

If you want to know whether she is a shemale or not, then next steps will help you to do that. First of all, pay attention to the behavior of transgender women. Thai girls are less assertive and less straightforward than transgender ones. Transgender people know what they want and don’t like to waste time. Another fairly simple technique is to listen to her voice and the way she talks. It’s pretty obvious to you that transgender women or shemale try to make their voices softer and taller like girls. You may not notice the difference at first, but if you’ve been in Thailand for at least six months, you can tell the difference as quickly as you think. However, if you are new to Bangkok and still not familiar with Thai culture, there are other simple ways to find the difference. Maybe countless surgeries have made them look more beautiful and feminine, but some things rarely change. Look at her. Does she have an Adam’s apple? Often, transgender women or shemale wear far more makeup than girls who try to hide themselves.

However, neither make-up nor clothes will cover their hands. As in other countries around the world, transgender women in Thailand have larger hands than girls. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. Hold her hand — is her skin as supple and smooth as it is usually reserved for women? How does she hold your hand? Thai girls don’t have any stress, but transgender women do, and you can definitely feel it. Check your hands and look at your ring finger: a man’s ring finger is usually longer than his index finger.


Don’t do these things to trans women

As a matter of fact, you can’t ask out a trans woman online in the first place and think you should tell her that before you meet her. It’s not just about taking her phone number and asking her out, or having her accept you on Facebook or Instagram and text you out. However, you don’t need to and shouldn’t text the transgender person you’re supposed to be dating every day. That’s where the problem comes in. Don’t text a transgender woman, don’t text a transgender woman on Facebook who is already a fan, and let the suspense build. Men think they have to continue selling themselves even after she says “yes,” which is why they often screw up. People who text too much or text too much on Facebook become vulnerable. Instead of remaining silent and building mystery and intrigue with transgender women, they create dullness and suspicion. When you go on a trans date, don’t put your thoughts into words. Instead, text (or text) a trans woman and ask her to arrange a trans date for you. Then, and only then, can you text her and tell her that you’re either excited about the trans date, that you’re going to meet her at a certain time, or that you’re going to be five minutes late, that you’re going to meet her at a certain time. That’s all. Nothing.

There are a lot of men who want to stun trans women and keep the this ftm hookup relationship going. Nothing could be worse. If you have this idea, or you know someone who has this idea, you or they need more than transgender dating advice. If someone thinks that this advice simply doesn’t hold water, they will have serious self-esteem and/or psychological problems. Not only is this the worst trans dating advice for men, it’s also the worst advice for humans!

If the transgender woman you’re dating wants to leave you, let her! While this may be difficult, it can only get worse if you involve your children. Children create more drama, more problems, and more divisive relationships. It doesn’t work. I’ve worked as a transgender dating coach for more than five years, with thousands of clients, with some of the best experts in the world, and I’ve never heard of a child who saved a doomed relationship.

If there is no other reason, having children may cover up these problems for a period of time. But if a transgender woman wants to get out of her commitment to you, sticking a band-aid through a bullet hole will never work. If you want a baby, wait until you’re ready. For yourself, for transgender women, and most importantly for your children. Unwanted children are children born with burdens. It’s not fair to them. It’s not fair to you.


Tips for your first trans dating

1. Relax yourself
Everyone wants to be a perfect person, but it is impossible. Don’e be too strict with yourself, forgive your imperfections, and accept your imperfections. Many trans women are very strict with themselves, and hope to be loved by everyone. I can really understand why they have this idea. Trans women are living under great pressure, many people cannot accept them, they have few friend, dating for them is especially difficult. They wan to accepted by more people, so they try their best to be a perfect woman. Just be relax if you are a trans woman. You should now that trans women are accepted by more and more people, and it is not easy for trans women to find life partners now. There are many trans dating sites only designed for trans people to meet their life partners. There are no prejudice and judgement on these trans dating sites. You can easily meet more new people and make more new friends on these trans dating sites. Users of these trans dating sites are trans people or trans dating finders, they have the same interest and experience with you. Just be yourself when dating with someone on trans dating sites.

2. Don’t looking at your phone during trans dating
Phuber is a new worto descibe people who stay glued to the phone all the time. Let your phone alone when date with other people. I don’t understand why more and more young people stay glued to the phone. If you want to show that you are not interested in your dating partner by this way, I don’t think it is a good idea. If you are looking on your phone during the dating, it only show that you are rude and impolite. No matter if you are interested in your dating partner, it is necessary to be polite. You are date with a person, not your phone, you should pay attention to your dating partner. If there are any call you must to answer, espress your apology as sincerely as possible.

3. It is not an interview
It means don’t keep ask questions and never share something about your life. FTM hookup is a chance for both you and your partner to know about each other. Many people just keep asking questions in dating, it is not an interview. Some people even list a lot of questions that they want to ask before dating. It is necessary to be a good listener while dating, but it never mean you can be the interviewer of the dating. You can ask some questions, but never ask too much about their personal information. Dating is an interaction, you need to share your information with your partner instead of asking questions all the time. There are many chances for you to know about your dating partner if you wan to have a long-term relationship with her, such as invite her for the next dating, keep in touch with her in daily life, and give her a hand when needed.


Challenges and Pressures of Being Trans People

Researches on transgender people showed that all trans people are living under great pressure, even some world famous transgender people. It also showed that 55% of transgender people in the US are suffering from social anxiety. However, there are only 6.8% of general population live with the same social anxiety. Harassment and discrimination can be seen everywhere in trans people’s lives, such as workplace and school. They are more likely to become the victims of violence and crimes, marrige for trans people is extremly hard.
Trans people are faced with many different kinds of discrimination, and this is harmful to transgender people’s mental health. For example, study on transgender people showed that gender discrimination is closely associated with suicide rate of transgender people. According to a recent research, there are 41% of transgender people histories of suicide. Many government organizations, such as American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association are working on the issue of trans discrimination now. They call the world to pay attention to transgender people, respect and protect transgender people. The National Institute of Health indicated that this kinds of social anxiety is a serious health problem for transgender people, and this kind of anxiety may have a bad effect on transgender people’s life, study and other activities.
Another study on transgender people showed that the number of trans women who suffer from social anxiety is more than trans men. It’s not hard to find that trans women are often suffer from employment discrimination, rape and even assault, many trans women are killed by other people every year. This is a serious problem which needs more attention from the outside world. There are many different kinds of discrimination to transgender people, housing discrimination leads to homelessness, employment discrimination leads to low employment rate and low income. It seems like the world is unfriendly to most transgender people. Due to violence and discrimination, transgender people’s life is only narrow to physically and psychologically survive, they cannot enjoy the happiness of their life. They even don’t know what will happen in their life tomorrow, and they don’t know how to escape from the terrible life. In fact, most places are unsafe for them.
” I’m afraid of staying in the public places, I never use the public bathroom, because I may attacked by other people if they know I’m a trans man” said a trans man. “I don’t know which bathroom I can enter after drinking a lot of water, It’s a bad experience.” A survey from San Francisco Human Rights Commission showed that more than 50% of transgender people are reported harassment and assault in public bathroom. Transgender people with pressure and the threaten of violence, how can they live as a general person? They are not allowed to the public bathroom, or they may be arrested. It is unfair to transgender people.
I hope the world can be friendly to transgender people one day, if not, we need to respect them at least. They are ordinary people as everyone of us, just accept them and respect them.


Are you Gay if you are dating a Transgender Woman

Dating is essential and each one has their own sexual fantasies and they want to fulfill them in any case. Someone’s fantasy is to date a transgender woman once in their life but on the other hand there are men that too want to date a transgender woman but they also thinks that dating a transgender woman will make them a gay and it really affects their sexual choices and relationship status.

One of the main questions always arises when we talk about transgender dating and a transgender woman. Is dating a transgender woman will make you a gay or will it affect your sexual identity? The answer to this question is big no and you won’t be considering as a gay if you are dating a transgender woman. Let me tell you that important and mandatory thing about sexual choice and to whom you would like to have a relationship, it’s basically someone’s personal choice to whom he would like to date or what makes him comfortable in terms of sexual relationship. There is nothing related to date with a transgender, gay, bi-sexual or straight dating.
Also let me tell you that transgender women owns more feminine as compared to other real cis woman. And yes its right that most men really want to date a transgender woman because only to enjoy their more feminine and also to fulfill their personal desires.

It is basically personal choice to whom you would like to date. If you like a transgender woman to date but also have a question in you will be considering as a gay if you date a transgender woman than it won’t work. You never fulfill your sexual desires with this thinking and you have to change yourself. Like or dislike is nothing related to sexual orientation. It is all mind game that accelerates or control your emotions and sentiments towards other sexual identity. So, if you are not dating a transgender woman only because you won’t turn out to be a gay than don’t worry, go ahead and fulfill your personal desires and sexual fantasy to date a transgender woman.

On the other hand, it is also believed that transgender woman love to date a straight man rather than any gay man. Transgender women are not real cis women but they own each and every feminine to themselves that a real woman owns. In terms of trans dating, like other cis women, they too love to date straight men than any other gay personality.
However, there are bi-sexual men around us that too love to date a transgender woman and that’s particularly depend on their sexual choice and personal interest.

But one of the main things is, if you really want to date a transgender woman than definitely it doesn’t matter what your friends, your family or even your relatives will think about you and your sexual choice. It’s your life and you have all right to live and love as per your likes and merits.


Several Voice Tips for Crossdressers

If you want to be an impressive crossdresser or transgender, there are many inherent features of you need to be changed, include your voice. How can you convince yourself to be a successful crossdresser if you wear a sexy dress while still sound like a buffalo? Obviously you are going to be going out or even if you are not, just for your own development of your female persona, you want a more feminine tone to your voice than you probably have in your day to day life. Therefore, today, we are talking about how to pinch your voice and make it sound more feminine.

First, you need to realize that you may not able to have a completely convincing feminine voice. It’s may never going to sound completely right to you. Hence, you just have to be comfortable with the best that you are able to do. The essential trick is finding a way to pitch your voice up and add some more feminine intonations to it without starting to become a parody. The voice of a woman is pitched up compared to the voice as a man. There’s also a difference in terms of cadence and rhythms of speaking. The pitch up method may doesn’t strain your voice, but it is obviously more feminine than your normal voice.

There’s also rhythms difference. Women inherently have a more lyrical quality to their speech patterns, like singing, as opposed to men which tend to be a bit blunt in the way of working their way through sentences. There’s a method proved to be extremely useful is to sing along with songs by female singers. Find someone that sings within a vocal range that you can hit or come close to yours. But don’t try do Mariah Varey. This will be too much for you. Singing along with female vocalists and female singers will not only enables you to get used to using your upper register, but it also helps bring that lyrical quality to your voice. In this way, you will get used to speaking in a more lyrical way. However, there’s one thing you don’t want to do is that you don’t want to speak in falsetto. This is usually a man trying to mock women would do.

There’s one other technique if the singing doesn’t work for you. If you were to speak in what most of us would consider a stereotypically gay male voice, we tend to pitch our voice up. If we ever were to speak in a gay voice or to greet them in their voices, we would pitch it up and maybe add a little lisp. So when you do that, just drop the lisp spot of it, you are actually in the ballpark of what you would want to be doing with your voice in terms of pitching it up.

These tips adapt for both crossdressers and transgenders. Practice makes perfect. You will in time find your voice and absolutely feel free to use it once you do.


How to Pick a Feminine Name

Name identifies our gender. For example, if you hear Linda, you may consider this is a “she”. Bob for “he”. For crossdressers, choosing a feminine name is inevitable. Today, we are talking about how to pick a feminine name. Us crossdressers probably don’t go out of our way to think about it too much. We make a decision rather hastily. But actually, all of us will benefit from a little more time spent in consideration of name. As you are developing a persona, whether it is an online persona, or in the bedroom, or even you are actually going out on public, you need to know what you want people to call you. Therefore, you do need to decide on a feminine name.

The easiest way to go is that to choose a feminized version of our normal and masculine name. For instance, Michael would become Michelle. Alex might become Alexis. That is absolutely fine. Just keep in mind that doing that can blur the lines a little bit between your identities and personas. Try and keep the name compartmentalized and avoid too much bleeding over of wanting to the other. It will be very useful to develop a persona. Some of you, especially those who may feel that they want to make this name a very large part of their life, choosing a distinctively name will do you some favor.

Some of us have a tendency to leap toward hooker names, like Candy, Trixie, Roxy, etc. There are nothing wrong to choose these names, but just realize what it is you are getting into. Regardless of your actual persona and your appearances, using a name like that is going to evoke certain thoughts and impressions of what kind of women you are portraying yourself as. Be aware of the baggage that might come with any given name before you start to use it.

After you decide which name to use, do not afraid to change it. Some of you may went through three or more names before you settled on the current name, that is the right thing to do. Do not hesitate to try a few on and see if they fit you. If you are bouncing around names, what is suggested is that until you are really sure of what one you want to stick with, it is better do not come out with a random name you are not sure of. Because if you come out to someone and present yourself as a crossdresser with a female name, then you change it to another one, that will leave people of an impression of weird and oddball. The best time to come out is when you fairly firm of what you are and what you want to be. Otherwise they would consider this is maybe just a phase.

Put though into the name and do not pick a name randomly. Try to find one that maybe has some meaning for you or one that is completely unlike anything that you would normally go with. When you find one, try it on and see if it works for you. Even if you named yourself as Candy or Roxy, feel free to change it as you developing your persona and feel differently.


Uncover Transvestites

You may wonder what is transvestite. Transvestite is the most common and easy to understand word, used to describe a male who have a strong impulsion to demonstrate himself as a female, including the behavior of dressing female clothes, wearing wig and makeup, as well as other behavior that may enable them to feel more feminine. Some of them even give themselves a female name when playing as a woman.

Transvestism is the lifestyle of those who consider themselves as transvestites. Most transvestites know that there’s something different with others when they are little and start to try female stuff. Even though, transvestite is distinguished from transgender. Most transvestites are straight men. They have special interest in all female things. Some of them are happily married with children. Their family or friends may have no idea of their transvestism tendency, for that this behavior often give rise to a feeling of sinful and guilty. Transvestite is the most mysterious among all trans group.

They do not want to be seen as transgender. They are happy and very comfortable when dress like women, but they have no intend in being a real one. Even though they may act a little girly and pussy when they dress up, but in their real life, they know it clearly that they are real man and have no problem with this fact. They usually don’t want to make any change both inside and outside.

It always seems to be a myth for transvestites to fancy what a man will look like when he dresses female clothes, for that it can bring them sexual stimulation. Although it may be real for some of them, it’s not normality. Most transvestites dress up just to feel a sense of happy, comfortable and safe. For a small group, it may really bring sexual satisfaction, but not for the most. Therefore, being transvestites do not mean they are gay, although some of them may be. Everyone is one of their kind. For some, there will be more gender and sexual issue when stepping into the transvestites world. But just like the rest regular people, they can be heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality. For those who are bisexual, they tend to only interest in those who are dressed up like female, while show zero tendency when they are being men as who they are. In a word, transvestism is a very complicated issue.

There are so many male transvestites that we can’t count. Some of them are still hiding in their closet and do not willing to go public, for that they are satisfied with their status and don’t want anyone to know their hobby, while the other may fear the result after they come out. Every one of them is different and with a unique style and preference, but fortunately you have found something useful to get to know them or yourself.